Tuesday, 6 March 2012

KONY 2012

People need to know this, and get involved. If you thought the video was too long then here I'll make it short. Joseph Kony is the leader of the L.R.A (Lord's Resistance Army). It's not the fact that he's the leader of a rebel group that makes him so important, it's the fact that he kidnaps children and forces them to become soldiers. Girls he kidnaps become sex slaves. The crimes against humanity he has committed needs to be stopped. KONY must be arrested and it must happen NOW. The goal of the project is to make his as famous as possible or, infamous as possible. Build up a reputation so large of being the worst man alive that he will gather attention from all the major powers of the world. And hopefully be found and arrested. What is appalling is that he avoided attention from us for 20+ years.

The United States of America has responded by sending 100 military advisers to advise the Ugandan army and track down the monster that is Kony. Before this video only 2% of the world knew who Kony was, this has to be changed, our voices must be heard. We need to demand that the powers of the world help stop Kony for his crimes against humanity. This isn't just about Uganda, its about the world. What we're doing is changing history.

The website found here will give information about pledging to fight Kony and for peace. Along with donations and ways to contact the people who will influence the world. 20 culture leaders, and 12 powers. This cannot go on for much longer. We need to stop him, NOW.


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